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Community Tree Planting Initiative

Because Equal Access to the Health, Climate and Economic Benefits of Trees is a Human Right

AFC+A & CREA Results, Latino founded and led  mother organizations of Promotores Verdes, are  excited to partner with the City of Denver’s Office  of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resilience  (CASR) on their Community Tree Planting Initiative. 

  • For the next 5 years we will be planting thousands of trees in private households, businesses, and schools in Denver. 

  • Our goal is to increase the tree canopy in five neighborhoods- Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, Sunnyside, Chafee Park and Highland- which  are suffering from tree inequity and where  communities are facing a disproportionate  burden of heat island effect. 

  • This program is led and implemented by the  Promotores Verdes conservation corps (nature  health workers), an initiative which merges the key concepts of public health, nature literacy,  environmental stewardship, and outdoor  recreation. 

Why Tree Equity?

  • Neighborhoods where minorities live have about 40% less tree cover than predominantly white neighborhoods. 

  • Neighborhoods with 90% or more of their residents living in poverty have 65% less tree cover than communities where only 10% or less  live in poverty. 

  • Heat-related deaths in urban areas could be reduced by 25% through a combination of trees  and re ective surfaces. 

  • Planting trees in cities can cool the air by 4 to 10 degrees Celsius, reduce the need for air  conditioning by 30 percent, and reduce winter  heating bills by 25-50 percent. 

  • Trees remove the most dangerous air pollution for our lungs: particulate matter. But most of the seepage occurs within 30 meters of a tree, so  more needs to be planted in houses, near people  who need it. 

  • Trees are filters for urban pollutants and fine particles such as dust or smoke from the air by trapping them in the leaves and bark. 

  • It has been proven that living near urban green spaces improves physical and mental  health by decreasing high blood pressure and  stress. 

  • Urban neighborhoods with trees can increase property values by up to 20 percent, and  attract tourism and businesses. 

  • Urban forests capture and store up to 25% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions 





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