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Puerto Rico Resilience Fund - 24 Months

Puerto Rico - Cultura Solidaria

The Latino Comedy Tour: Surviving Maria

Our work began within 24 hours after Maria's landfall in Puerto Rico though with the intent of holding space for a long-term restoration and documentation commitment in the island. The initiative works with intellectuals and artists on the ground generating Cronicas and sends the collected donations to the Food Revival & Cultural Relief Funds. The initiative was launched as a Latino-led effort with Colorado based 501c3 nonprofit Americas for Conservation + Arts (AFC+A), its Latina Environmental Giving Circle and in partnership with Benitez Strategies El InstitutoDiles Que VotenHeuristica Comunicación, GreenLatinos, and the National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association


As of October 20th, 2017 our initiative raised over $20,000 to support El Departamento de La Comida, a grassroots organization championing local food systems creating self-sustaining farms that are autonomous and efficient with irrigation systems, including rainwater collection techniques & clean solar energy. Our efforts so far have been recognized in Bon Appetite and Whole Foods Magazine features and have birthed our expansion of green brigades restoring 200 farms in two years through the Eco Bus: Cultivating the Future program (La Guagua Ecologica: Cultivando el Futuro). 


Now, we have realized that relief and restoration efforts usually leave behind our artists, the brokers of our culture. A fundamental aspect of AFC+A’s mission and programs is to elevate the voices of Latino conservation and cultural leadership, powering collaboration to better tackle social and environmental problems, and using arts and culture to foster solutions. Our core vision then compels us to enrich our relief efforts in Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rico Cultural Relief Fund.


Our AFC+A Deputy Director Mr. Jonathan Cintron, is leading this exciting initiative. 

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