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Internship Opportunities

We offer internships in each one of our initiatives under "Our Work" tab, please contact for more information and customized opportunities.

Americas for Conservation internships are hands-on, career-related experiences that aim to provide valuable and skill-building opportunities in a nonprofit setting.

For student applicants, the internships are aimed to supplement classroom academic experience to enhance the student’s education. The internships are generally unpaid but funding may be available at different times. Internships may or may not include academic credit for student applicants depending on the student’s goals, needs, and abilities to find a faculty sponsor, and academic department policies.

AFC+A offers letters of recommendation and limited training in various fields of non-profit work.


Undergraduate (juniors and seniors; student government members) and graduate students are encouraged to apply, but student status is not required for the internship positions. Applicant should demonstrate an interest in the area of the internship to which they are applying. Leadership or managerial experience, strong academic background, writing and good communication skills, organizations and effective time management, and an interest in environmental and social justice are highly desirable. Applicants must be able to complete the full-time commitment and expectations of the position. Applicants must be able to work productively both independently and remotely as necessary. Volunteer management experience is a plus.

How to Apply

Please complete this Application Form and send your resume to


The Americas Latino Festival is currently accepting applications for the following assistant and coordinator positions:

Logistics Assistant Internship

This position offers students an excellent opportunity to learn about the operations of the Americans Latino Festival. The intern will assist with: 


  • Organizing and managing the Festival programming 

  • Providing support to the Festival Logistics Coordinator 2 months prior to the festival 

  • Providing oversight for the execution of Festival programming and events 

Special Events Coordinator Internship

The intern will assist in fundraising and event coordination of the end of Festival reception/gala. The intern will: 


  • Organize and manage a task list of duties and responsibilities for gala staff and volunteers 

  • Conduct and coordinate all venue, vendor, entertainment, and other special communication and correspondence for the gala 

  • Work with the Development Director to set budgetary needs and fundraising goals for the gala 

  •  Organize the program and timeline for the gala 

  •  Work closely with the art specialists to organize the art silent and live auctions 

  •  Work with Volunteer Coordinator to organize volunteer needs for set up and evening support of the gala 

  •  Manage a master list of gala guests 

Volunteer Coordinator Internship

The intern will manage all volunteer coordination for the Festival and its various events. The intern will: 

  • Work with all Festival Coordinators to develop and organize volunteers needs 

  • Revise job descriptions and tasks for each volunteer activity 

  • Recruit volunteers for all Festival programming needs 

  •  Maintain communication and contact with volunteers, groups, and prospects on all Festival information 

  •  Organize and manage volunteer check-ins during the Festival 

  •  Provide oversight of volunteers for all programming by partnering with each 

  •  Festival Coordinator 

  •  Provide all post-event volunteer correspondence 

Development Assistant Internship

The intern will assist in all aspects of fundraising for the Festival. The intern will assist with: 


  • Cultivating, soliciting, and procuring individual gifts, sponsorships, government, and in-kind donations with the support of Director of the Festival 

  • Maintaining databases of all donors, sponsors, and other partners in order to track and recognize support appropriately 

  • Develop grant schedules for the Director and Co Director 

  • Acting as an assistant concierge for panelists and speakers 

  • Managing a master list of Festival guests 

  • Developing and executing all other fundraising projects 

PR, Marketing, and Social Media Coordinator Internships

This intern will manage all PR and marketing for the Festival. This intern will: 


  • Oversee all Festival communication and marketing 

  • Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise all Festival information 

  • Utilize all special social media language and techniques designated for the Festival and all of its programming 

  • Implement marketing templates 

  • Update media documentation 

  • Work with partners and send the social media tool kit for communicating the Festival information 

  • Assist in community engagement and collaboration with the Festival strategic partners 

  • Conduct community outreach, advocacy, and civic engagement 

  • Develop press releases for upcoming events and Festival programming 

  • Publish and distribute production materials 

  • Work with local media before, during, and after the Festival 

  • Update and maintain media databases 

AV and Technology Coordinator Internship

The intern will manage all technology needs for Festival presentations and programming. This intern will: 


  • Communicate with presenters on presentation deadlines and requirements 

  • Collect and coordinate panelist materials including bios and translations 

  • Manage and compile all presentations 

  • Set up all AV at each presentation site and work with appropriate vendors for AV needs 

  •  Communicate all presenters information to Logistics Coordinator for Festival preparation 

*Background in AV required/preferred.
Website Development Assistant Internship

The intern will assist the Website Director with the development and maintenance of the website and necessary materials. This intern will assist with: 


  • Maintaining the website content for the Festival events and programming 

  • Proofing and editing the site components 

  • Supporting research efforts to make the website effective in conveying pertinent information to the themes of the Americas Latinos Festival.  

Book Fair Coordinator Internship

The intern will coordinate and manage the ALEF Book Fair and help acquire fundraising diversity with this fundraising effort of the Festival. The intern will: 


  • Work with Festival Director on researching and soliciting publishing companies to participate in the book fair, including a variation of small, large, and independent publishers 

  • Securing books for the book fair  

  • Coordinate, cultivate, and manage exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors of the book fair (20 exhibitors) 

  • Work with Marketing Coordinator to advertise and launch book fair information 

  • Plan the Book Fair display 

  • Manage book fair volunteers and develop various tasks for set up/take down, sales and cashiering, and customer service 

  •  Provide oversight of Book Fair 

*Must love books!
Book Fair Assistant Internship (2 positions)

The interns will support the Book Fair Coordinator on the days of the Festival. The intern will: 


  • Assist in planning Book Fair display 

  • Maintain displays and appropriately showcase the books and publishers 

  • Help coordinate book signings 

  • Help manage and direct Book Fair volunteers, day of 

*Availability is mandatory for full day commitment to Book Fair)
Research and Outreach Internship

This intern will have the opportunity to conduct appropriate research to develop outreach tactics with business partners in the community. This intern will: 


  • Preparation and research of supporting businesses and prospects in the community 

  • Conduct outreach to current supporters and prospects on festival partnerships 

  •  Assist with Book Fair PR and research



Check back here frequently for upcoming internship opportunities!

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