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We bring our whole selves to build creative, integrative solutions that enhance your network and achieve real cultural and ecological outcomes.

How can you help?

Your gift to the Puerto Rico Food Revival Fund will go to help families and communities recover from the recent hurricanes that have devastated the lives of so many. Our goal is to help those who were affected rebuild and restore their homes, communities, environment, and lives.


Yvonne Yelitza Rodríguez

Por el bien de salud de todo Puerto Rico, América Latina y el Caribe sí lo recomiendo.


Clarice Johnson

...Thank you for creating such a safe and loving place for young people to explore their passion for conservation and the arts.


Dana Coehlo

It was especially powerful for me to have had this experience in the home and heart of AFC+A, Puerto Rico. 

La Guagua Solidaria is a mobile tool for organizing solidarity brigades at different farms, with different groups of volunteers, the necessary equipment, and a calendar.

We unite in times of tragedy,

we thrive in challenging times,

and we give in times of need.

Our brothers and sisters, our families and Puerto Rico need our support now more than ever.

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