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Stripped Bare


    By Silverio Perez Translated By Jessica Powell


Very few people mention it, but one of the strongest blows dealt to Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria is the one dealt to our island’s vegetation. The leaves and the shade they provided were an unnoticed protection against the sun’s rays. Now that protection is gone. And we feel it. Before, I could go out at noontime into my backyard, bordered by flamboyant, guava, avocado, acacia and African tulip trees, and I would feel the caress of a cool breeze. Now, when the entire countryside lies crushed to the ground, when you step outside, you are met by the breath of a fire-breathing dragon, a blast of heat that sends you into retreat.

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Crónica de una Mujer Determinada

    By Tara Rodríguez


The whole "trump" visit discouraged us as we sat together in good, communal company sharing dinner. An important decision has been to cook as good of food that we can find, and share it. The day was spent waking up and heating up yesterday's coffee, trying to charge our phones with an unreliable yet whatever-we-can-take solar charger, and doing what would normally be a "walk of shame" at early hours of the morning, but in this case to my friend's house to shower after a hot night's sleep. I then went to connect to Wifi and electric power at the rooftop of a bank that months before charged people with vandalism and attempting to put it on fire, with toilet paper and a lighter as weapons "deserving" of a heavy jail sentence. Strange days.

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Crónica del sismo 2

   By Pablo Noriega


Después de un evento para México como lo fue el de finales del mes pasado, hay mucho que decir. Hay tristeza, dolor, rencor y enojo, pero también hay esperanza. Y aún al día de hoy, aunque hubo movimientos que fueron mucho más allá de las placas tectónicas, retumbando en lo más profundo del ser social mexicano, hay gente que sigue sin tener nada y gente que sigue teniéndolo todo.

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