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The MX & PR Resilience Fund will help communities affected by the recent natural disasters in both Mexico and Puerto Rico. With your support, we will help rebuild the homes and lives of these communities for at least the next 24 weeks.

  • Individual donations given to the MX & PR Resilience Fund will be distributed to United Way MX and Departamento de la Comida in the affected areas.

  • The fund will focus on immediate, mid- and long-term recovery.

El Fondo de Resiliencia de México y Puerto Rico ayudará a las comunidades afectadas por los recientes desastres naturales tanto en México como en Puerto Rico. Con tu apoyo, ayudaremos a reconstruir las casas y las vidas de estas comunidades, al menos por las siguientes 24 semanas.  

  • Las donaciones individuales otorgadas al Fondo de Resiliencia de México y Puerto Rico serán distribuidas a Fondo Unido México y Departamento de la Comida en las áreas afectadas.  

  • Los fondos se enfocarán en la recuperación inmediata, tanto como en la de mediano y largo plazo

Looking for a way to help out Puerto Rico and Mexico during their time of need? Simply text 'GIVE PR' or 'GIVE MX' to 202-858-1094 and you will be prompted to respond an amount and whether you wish these to be a recurring donation to help with relief and reconstruction over the coming weeks. Whether it is $5 or $50, every little bit helps the recovery effort and is greatly appreciated. It is trying times like this we need to band together to help our fellow brothers and sisters on Mother Earth! Feel free to visit our Resilience Fund page below to find out more details and help spread the word- visit or and find out more about how you can help and the state of affairs in those regions directly from those on the ground.
#defendpuertorico After a month since the devastating hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico The island”s 3.4 million US citizens are living through a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions with little relief and 40% without access to drinking water and 85% without access to electricity and President Trump says FEMA can't stay "in P.R. forever." TELL FEMA's Office of Equal Rights that civil rights cannot be violated and that they must get the job done! Call Willisa M. Donald at 202-212-3535 now!
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