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Paul Cawood Hellmund


Areas of expertise:

Green Infrastructure, Greenway Planning, Conservation Planning, Ecological Design, Green Urbanism, Process Facilitation



Paul Cawood Hellmund brings together diverse people and expertise to solve complex conservation problems. He has many decades of professional experience developing innovative conservation and community planning solutions in the western United States and Latin America. Born and raised in Panama, he was educated at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and at Colorado State University, where he occasionally teaches in the School of Global Environmental Sustainability. Of special interest to Paul’s practice and teaching is linear conservation as part of systems of green infrastructure.


He co-authored the book Designing Greenways: Sustainable Landscapes for Nature and People, (Island Press 2006), and the earlier Ecology of Greenways, (University of Minnesota Press, 1993), a guide to the design of linear conservation areas, which won a national award from the American Society of Landscape Architects. He also wrote the widely used “Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind” and “On Nature’s Trail; Statewide Strategic Trails Plan,” for Colorado State Parks. He coordinated the efforts of the hundred-member Chatfield Basin Conservation Network and lead the planning team that developed the plan for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, near Denver.


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