Responsible Positivity


   By Silverio Perez Translated By Jessica Powell


We have to move past #hashtags, slogans, pretty, but empty stock phrases, the copy and paste mentality and everything else like it. This is a time for us to be positive, but in a responsible way, because if not, all we do is feed superficiality, the lack of reflection and analysis that we used in the past to construct the fictitious island that Hurricane Maria revealed in one fell swoop.

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Spoken Word Chronicle 

   By Silverio Perez  Translated By Jessica Powell


New leaves spring from a tree fallen to earth, it does not mourn

it is reborn, never forlorn, unbowed, ever proud.

Flags fly, honoring not a color or one team or another,

not to welcome home a sports hero brother.

It is the flag of our NATION…our country, our mother.

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Borinquen: Un país antes y otro después de MARIA

   Por Carmen Enid Acevedo Betancourt

El camino hacía llegar al Centro Medico de Rio Piedras está matizado por las imágenes que todavía circundan al país a 35 días del azote del huracán María.  El día está soleado.  A las tres de la tarde los colores de la calle van de marrón a verde, según va cobrando vida cada tronco de árbol, cada hoja impactada por el huracán. Un roble amarillo florece.

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