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Waiting in Line


   By Silverio Perez Translated By Jessica Powell


I considered it, and reconsidered it, and made a decision: tomorrow I am going to get up at 3:00 in the morning to be the first in line at the gas station near the Montehiedra shopping center. When the alarm went off, I considered and reconsidered it again. Am I being swept up in collective hysteria? The governor says there is enough gasoline. Why should I worry? But the gas gauge in my car argues differently. Well, these are unusual times…come on, get up! And I did! And my wife was right behind me.

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 Three weeks. Three cities. Three personalities

    By Tara Rodriguez Besosa

Three weeks. Three cities. Three personalities.

As the days and weeks pass, my mind continues, my body continues. Changed. Stuck on something that it doesn't want to let go. As each day goes by, the more we plan, the more we communicate, meet, and collaborate, the more I feel personal fear. Will I be strong enough to endure this amazing future? 

The answer is yes, as long as I can communicate to others my anxieties, what I used to communicate to myself within nature has now become more difficult after the hurricane, I feel “off”. This makes me more responsible than ever for giving back to the land what it has given me, this connection is not to be lost.

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