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The arts can be agents for social change, uniting communities across social, economic, cultural, and historical divides. Art has the power to address pressing social and environmental issues and inspire reflection. Through diverse artistic disciplines and creative forms we can broaden perspectives, foster community engagement and deepen understanding of the arts as a vehicle for positive change. The Americas for Conservation + the Arts is committed to arts programming that examines social and cultural identity, poverty and ecological topics.


The visual artists participating in the annual Americas Latino Eco Festival (ALEF) share the common thread of creating work that focuses on social and ecological commentary. These artists often embrace a satirical approach. Historically, social commentary in the arts has had the most impact and reach through the print medium and by creating a dialogue with the printed word in the illustrated book. The Festival’s main art exhibitions often feature printmaking, painting, collage and photography.  These create a most attractive alliance between the visual and verbal worlds.

Since ALEF's launch in 2013, AFC+A has curated 25 eco-art exhibits with guest artists from Mexico, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina,  Spain, and the US, engaging communities via art workshops and/or presentations.


ALEF has worked with 20-plus schools in Colorado and Mexico, and engaged over 3,000 students in its annual K-12 Eco Exhibits, educating on migrations and climate change: 1st ALEF: Monarch Butterflies / 2nd ALEF: Migrant Birds of the Americas / 3rd ALEF: American Dipper and Water.

Read the feature article in the Boulder Weekly!

ALEF has also hosted and activated the Mexican Graficomovil, a mural, gallery and printmaking studio on wheels (customized 1948 Chevy delivery truck) created to go to schools, parks, community art centers, museums, and other public spaces to showcase the art of printmaking.


In 2014 AFC+A orchestrated its 1st public Art Mural by David Garcia Ocelotl in Boulder, CO. It can be visited at The Dairy Center for the Arts.

Activist Art

Posters by Artistic Director FALCO

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