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The Puerto Rico Resilience Project (PRRP) is an effective action plan bringing together grassroots leaders, environmental organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies to advance cultural and ecological resilience and a new economy of outdoors recreation through a nationwide, citizen-driven movement of Promotores Verdes.

Camuy: Karst to Ocean Resiliency Corridor Partnership 

Hurricane Maria (2017) demonstrated the urgent need in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to advance food systems and ecosystems resilient to extreme weather events. The Municipality of Camuy is home to invaluable freshwater and coastal natural resources whose conservation is critical for the long-term health of the agricultural and outdoor recreation economies of the region and Puerto Rico.


Accordingly, the Parties (City of Camuy, Camuy Farmers Association and Americas for Conservation + the Arts) agreed to work collaboratively to develop and advance TEN innovative projects that increase the resiliency of the invaluable food systems, ecosystems, and outdoor recreation industry of the Camuy River Basin: from the Karst mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.




  • Collocation for better agroproduction under solar panels shade

  • Brownfield to a health field

  • Outdoor recreation and agrocultura destination development

  • Watershed reforestation and restoration



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