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2nd LUNA

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What is AFC+A & What Do We Do

2023 letter from our founder:

A Latina-founded and -led organization fighting systemic racism in the conservation and creative workspaces, leveraging arts and culture for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) gains. Each year, we serve thousands of BIPOC community members, using culture and the arts as a bridge to connect to conservation and the natural world. We’ve been pioneering this work for 15 years through our three award-winning, flagship programs:


Americas Latino Eco-Festival (ALEF), featuring LUNA, CONGREGATES BIPOC conservation and creative leadership, hosting its 13th edition right now.

Mandel Vilar Press DOCUMENTS the needs of our community by advancing diversity and conservation in the book economy, publishing its 55th title in 2023.

Promotores Verdes Conservation Corps ACTS with and on behalf of BIPOC communities to promote conservation through outdoor recreation, climate literacy, and human-nature health connections, planting 700 plus trees in 500 homes in 2023 between Denver and Aurora with thousands more to come through 2029.

Your Colorado Gives Day Support Will Help Us Grow These Initiatives

AFC+A’s programs offer bold solutions for racial and economic disparities in conservation and the arts, including:

  • BIPOC citizens make up close to 40% of the US population but only 8% of environmental organizations (Green 2.0 Report)

  • Only 4% of what is being published in the United States is from a minority voice/writer. Further, less than 1% of what the average US citizen reads is from a book in translation, compared to most social democracies of Europe which are reading above 33% in translation. (UNESCO Translation Index)

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¿Qué es AFC+A & Qué Hacemos?

Fundada por una Puertorriqueña y liderada por Latino Americanos esta organización ambiental sin fines de lucro cuenta con oficinas en Colorado y Puerto Rico, con alcance internacional. AFC+A maneja más de diez programas  que avanzan resiliencia ciudadana, a través de la educación, la cultura y la promotoria verde.

Closing events April

Our Flagship Programs:

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City of Denver Love This Place Award
CAEE Innovative Program Award
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Americas for Conservation + the Arts (AFC+A) is seeking partnerships from organizations, agencies, donors, and citizens at large who are interested in supporting our Promotores Verdes (Nature Health Workers) commitment to plant more than 1,000 trees in Denver’s most environmentally vulnerable neighborhoods over the next three years starting this June, 2022.

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