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David Manzanares - Visual Arts

David Manzanares is a sculptor; his indigenous roots and his desire to show the world the richness of Mexican culture shapes his artistic expression.


In developing his professional work, the artist in question has learned to look at art through different eyes, through a process that aims to share his art with diverse communities.

Throughout his career, David has had many teachers, who have taught him various disciplines, enriching his artistic development. In 2005, he started modeling and bronze casting in Mexico City.  Later, at the University of Guanajuato he studied ceramics, wood, and stone carving as well as restoration, working with religious art.


In 2009, he began his Bachelor’s of Visual Arts degree at the University of Querétaro, where he received a grant (Special Projects Funds 2013), to teach indigenous children basic artistic principles.


Recently, David has participated in marble carving workshops, ceramics courses, and other courses in pedagogy and art history.

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