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Rafael Salgado is the Executive Director of Cal-Wood Education Center, a 1,200-acre residential outdoor education center located west of Boulder, Colorado.


Originally from Mexico, Rafael grew up immersed in the natural environment, and participated in hunting and fishing. As a range scientist and wildlife biologist in Mexico at Antonio Narro University, Rafael was involved in wildlife research projects on whitetail deer, black bears, small mammals, and a variety of birds.


Today, after years of developing environmental education curriculum, and training teachers in its implementation, in both Mexico and Colorado, he has become a catalyst for helping under-served populations, including low-income students and their families, to discover how beautiful and accessible the outdoors can be.


Rafael is a true professional as well, contributing his knowledge and expertise to many other local and national initiatives and programs as well as serving on several Boards. He has been recognized and honored with numerous awards for his outstanding contributions in environmental and outdoor education.

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