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Spoken Word Chronicle

by Silverio Perez

Translated from the Spanish by Jessica Powell

New leaves spring from a tree fallen to earth, it does not mourn

it is reborn, never forlorn, unbowed, ever proud.

Flags fly, honoring not a color or one team or another,

not to welcome home a sports hero brother.

It is the flag of our NATION…our country, our mother.


Flags that tell the world of our determination as a nation,

to rise up, without fear, without sorrow, for a better tomorrow.

The dreams of yesterday are gone, the future is on,

it is ours, to be free, masters of our own destiny!


So let those flags fly, we’ll laugh and sing to the sky,

with our voices we cry, the future is nigh!

It’s now or never, as we come together,

the world will soon realize, Puerto Rico will rise!

This is the first of a series of 24 chronicles that will be published weekly in English and Spanish, as a part of

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