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Ana Trujillo


Operations Manager


Ana Trujillo, is a Venezuelan Puerto Rican, leader of environmental justice in the island, especially versed on the intersections of forest health and public health, as well as the DIOSA of I-tree in Puerto Rico.

She earned a BA in Marine Biology and a Masters’ in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.


Ana is one of the few professionals in Puerto Rico that has earned a degree in a non-profit organization, specializing in Empresarial Social Responsibility and specialty in Municipal Strategic Planning in conjunction with the Iberoamerican Municipalities’ Union.


Ana has great organizational skills among community leaders and volunteers. She served on the Board of the Scuba Dogs Society, the precursor of annual beach cleanups in Puerto Rico. As such, she was responsible for coordinating over 2,000 teams of volunteers each year and assign them to all the beach areas of the island.

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