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2do LUNA Coming Up This June 1st, 2024!
Latino Ultra Nature Adventure
Latino Ultra Eco Aventura

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Proclamation by Governor of Colorado Jared Polis establishing the Latino Ultra Nature Adventure Day (LUNA) in honor of its mission to advance human-nature connections and self-realization through running and hiking for communities historically excluded from outdoors sports and recreation


Powering Healthy Communities Through Nature

 A Multicultural Ultra Hosted by Latinos 


                                     In Partnership with:

Our 2nd Latino Ultra Nature Adventure (LUNA) is a culturally relevant and equity driven new kind of Ultra powering the physical and mental health that comes from the mix of athletics, awe inspiring nature, and forest bathing. LUNA promotes human-nature connections and self realization through running and hiking for communities historically excluded from exclusive outdoor sports. 


Ultras have traditionally been curated for athletes and have been anchored in competition and driven by an exclusive sports culture.  LUNA reframes the Ultra athletics experience to inspire participants to engage in the sport for the first time AND to invite established athletes to join a more inclusive and culture driven ultra challenge.


The experience features distances of 5km, 10km, a Half Marathon (13.1 miles), and 55km (34 miles). On your journey you'll explore a variety of ecological areas in the mountains above Golden Gate State Park. We'll explore the intersection between urban development and population growth with its lasting effects on the surrounding landscape and ecosystems. We'll share stunning views of Colorado's Continental Divide and discuss how Colorado gets its water and where the water ultimately goes. We'll talk about reservoirs and the West's ever present need to expand them, and the long lasting effects reservoir expansion has on the surrounding ecosystems. We'll explore wildfire and how climate change and policy have ultimately affected our forests. 

LUNA is a nonprofit event intent on bridging inclusion gaps in the outdoor recreation and sports workspace. For this reason we are requiring a minimum sign up fee. Youth 18 and under pay no fees but must still register with an adult. All participants are encouraged to make a tax deductible DONATION to support the inclusive mandate of our program and the efforts of our staff and volunteers.

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About the Adventure

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  • According to the United Nations Population Division, 75% of the world’s people live in cities.

  • The average urban dweller in the US spends 93% of the time indoors, and some ten hours a day on social media—more than they spend asleep- resulting in a nature deficit.

  • Science based studies proof the human costs of alienation from nature negatively impact our health,

  • Research has shown that people do better physically and emotionally when they are in green spaces, benefiting from stress reduction and the attention restoration nature engenders

  • Forest bathing is the practice of immersing yourself in nature in a mindful way, using your senses to derive a whole range of benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. It is also known as Shinrin-yoku. ‘Shinrin’ means forest and ‘Yoku’ stands for bathing. The idea took birth in Japan.

  • Forest Bathing is proven to positively impact our health through contact with phytoncides which are chemicals emitted by trees and that help reduce stress hormone production, lower heart rate and blood pressure, boost the immune system as well and improve feelings of happiness.

  • Evergreens—pine, cedar, spruce, and conifers—are the largest producers of phytoncides, so walking in an evergreen forest seems to have the greatest health benefits.

  • When we breathe in phytocides, our bodies respond by increasing the number and activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells or NK which fight infections, cancers, and tumors. 

  • 20 to 30 minutes of relaxed time among trees provides you with multiple health benefits. 3 hours a week of nature exposure allows our body to function at its optimum, sustaining health benefits for up to a week. Spending a long weekend in a forest, and connecting to nature extends health benefits  to a month 




  • The Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC) recent studies reveal issues of structural racism within the running industry.

  • BIPOC communities report not feeling "safe," "welcome," or "invited" in running series events, highlighting a lack of inclusivity.

  • Runners of color face barriers to access, safety concerns during trail competitions, unaddressed product needs, and unfavorable comparisons to road running experiences.

  • Statistics show that 47% of BIPOC runners engage in running for functional benefits, while white runners are more focused on emotional advantages (21% citing "connecting with nature" as their primary reason).

  • Runners of color feel significantly less safe during race events, with 46% always feeling safe at trail races compared to 80% of white runners.

  • There are unmet needs regarding product relevance and function, as 16% of respondents noted that current footwear offerings do not meet their trail running needs, and 23% said the same for current apparel offerings.

  • Approximately 34% of runners are people of color (16 million), according to data from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA).

  • By 2045, people of color will be the majority of the population at 51% according to projections from the US Census.

  • The average runner spends $1,795 each year on running gear and races, according to data from Running USA, which amounts to 16 million people of color having $28.7 billion in total spending power.

    The racial/ethnic makeup of DEI executives in the running industry is as follows:
          ○ 7
7% are White
          ○ 15% are Black
          ○ 8% are Asian
          ○ 4% are Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
          ● 96% of running industry owners are white
          ● Only 1% of senior management are Black compared to 14% of the US population
          ● 8% of running industry employees are Hispanic/Latinx, but 20% of the US population is Hispanic/Latinx


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The Human Potential Running Series (HPRS) is proud to partner with Americas for Conservation + the Arts in providing a unique adventure experience amongst the mountains of Golden, Co. as part of ALEF. The largest trail and ultra running series in the state of Colorado, HPRS has long been the industry leader in providing a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible experience for all adventurers and explorers. The opportunity to be apart of ALEF in providing this nature experience for conference attendees is one of our proudest moments in our ten year history. We are excited to curate a wonderful experience that will connect participants with nature in a way they may not have ever imagined they could.


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