Introduction From The Directors

We are extremely grateful for the support Americas for Conservation + the Arts (AFC+A) has received throughout recent years helping us grow into the organization that we are today: The first and only Boricua founded and led an environmental organization of its size in the United States and one of only a handful of Latino founded and led. Today brown citizens make up 40% of the US population but only 10% of environmental organizations. Supporting organizations like AFC+A is a direct action to bridge this shameful gap and advance a sustainable future where those sitting at the decision-making table regarding the stewardship of our natural resources reflect equity and inclusion. Anything else is not only undemocratic, is bad economics.


2018 was a successful year for our organization. We have continued to tackle environmental problems from many angles and used Arte y Cultura as a communication channel for environmental awareness and shared values, and 60% of these efforts are powered by a volunteer force. All our programs aim at environmental and multicultural education and a diverse, non-segregated, and inclusive conservation agenda.

We have brought impactful change to our communities through ten programs. Several of our initiatives have received multiple national press features, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, Huffington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, Telemundo, FOX News, The Village Voice.

We believe advancing diversity is the most important conservation strategy and that the richness of our Latino American culture is our most important asset in the work that lies ahead. Our culture is grounded on reverence for Mother Earth. Preservationist and protectionist values resonate in our religions, our social structures, our agricultural practices, and our arts and crafts; especially in our arts. And we know that being good stewards of our natural resources powers sustainable economies and healthy livelihoods.

This is why we at AFC+A are excited for 2019 as we partner with CREA Results, its Promotores de la Salud movement, and their impactful Unidad de Salud Movil (Mobile Health Unit) to grow our flagship program of environmental health stewards powering families with the capacity to champion the health benefits of connecting to nature and taking on career pathways in conservation to safeguard public health.

And yet, while AFC+A is a Puerto Rican & Latino-based organization, our expanding organization of volunteers, supporters and donors continue to grow in its diversity.

Our team of over twenty professional leaders is half women and represents 7 Countries of the Americas. Mother Earth provides the air we breathe and the water we drink without any consideration of race, color, nationality or religion. Your generous, tax-deductible support can help AFC+A educate and prepare our children to support, enjoy and demand a sustainable and healthy future for themselves and their children.

Irene Vilar

AFC+A Founder & CEO

Guggenheim Fellow

Fernando Pineda

CREA Results,

AFC+A Co Director

Non-profit Organization

Tax Exempt Status: 501(c)(3)  EIN 32-0241204 July 2012



Address: 430 W 9th Avenue

Denver Colorado 80206

Contact: Irene Vilar, Founder & CEO

Phone. 303.330.6597


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