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Volunteer Opportunities

AFC+A envisions an ecological and cultural landscape that fully recognizes environmental and social disparities, takes action to bridge these divides and promotes multilingual and multi-ethnic environments.  Our work improves the severe under-capitalization of our minority communities in general and Latino Americans in particular.

Why should you join us?

During your volunteer experience, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the community and grow your network, while you develop the following skills:

  • Communication Skills in English and Spanish

  • Teamwork

  • Public Relations

  • Planning and Organization

  • Flexibility

  • Problem-Solving

  • Creativity

  • Other specific skills related to the specific opportunity


Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Social Media Management
Time investment: 5 hours a week (At least one hour in site)


  • Develop a Social Media Strategy for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Post daily international, national, local and organizational news and events about social and environmental justice/ action.

  • Create and promote Social Media Contests.

PR and  Marketing Coordinator
Time investment: 10 hours a week (At least two hours in site)


  • Oversee all Festival communication and marketing 

  • Create marketing campaigns to promote AFCA projects and events

  • Develop Marketing and Communication materials while working closely with our Graphic and Web Designer

  • Work with partners, coordinate joint marketing campaigns

Education Outreach
Time investment: 4 - 6 hours a week  (At least two hours in site)


  • Work and coordinate with Title 1 HS and Elementary schools

  • Work and coordinate with community groups: Flores Foundation, Commerce City, Westwood Unidos, arranging AFC+A Graficomovil and poetry workshops and outdoor experiences for students.


Development Assistant

Time investment:  5-8 hours a week, extra hours during events 


  • Assist in all aspects of fundraising for the AFCA+A and ALEF 

  • Cultivating, soliciting and procuring individual gifts, sponsorships, government, and in-kind donations with the support of Director of the Festival 

  • Maintaining databases of all donors, sponsors, and other partners in order to track and recognize support appropriately

  • Develop grant schedules for the Director and Co Director

  • Assist in community engagement and collaboration with the Festival strategic partners 

  • Conduct community outreach, advocacy, and civic engagement 


Volunteer Coordinator
Time investment: 4-6 hours a week, extra hours during events 


  • Work with Coordinators to develop and organize volunteers’ needs

  • Develop job descriptions and tasks for each volunteer activity 

  • Recruit volunteers for all Festival programming needs 

  • Maintain communication and contact with volunteers, groups, and prospects on all Festival information 

  • Organize and manage volunteer check-ins during events

  • Provide all post-event volunteer correspondence 


Website Content Assistant
Time investment: 4-6 hours a week

  • Assist the Website Director with the development and maintenance of the website and necessary materials. 

  • Maintain website content and event calendars for AFCA, ALEF and MVP.

  • Proof and edit site components 

  • Support research efforts to make the website effective in conveying pertinent information


Interested?  Please fill out the volunteer application below. 


For more information on Americas for Conservation and the Arts visit:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Americas for Conservation + the Arts

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