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Americas for Conservation + the Arts is more than a green non-profit, in this organization we are FAMILIA filled with people just like you who are interested in environmental issues impacting individuals, families, groups, communities, and social and economic policies. We are a diverse group of people with interests in areas such as community organizing, youth participation, neighborhood development, strategies to promote a healthy society, global issues such as human rights, and social justice.




Irene Vilar, AFC+A's Founder & CEO has a partnership with Dr. Robert Mandel in MANDEL VILAR PRESS, AFC+A's publishing arm, which is recognized as an Award-Winning Press with books like 'My Real Name is Hanna' by Tara Lynn Masih and 'Zion's Fiction' by Sheldon Teitelbaum and Emanuel Lottem, among others.


AFC+A has been over the years collecting an extensive literature on the topics of environmental, children's books, outdoors, novels, science fiction, and more, which are normally offered at its annual REWILD BOOK FAIR during ALEF- Americas Latino Eco Festival.

AFC+A is also grateful to have a curated diversity collection of pieces of art, given by amazing Artists after their collaboration in our different initiatives, during these years.

It is our priority in AFC+A to share these assets with our FAMILIA, for this reason, we open CULTURA in a Box CLUB, where your membership through monthly donations will give you the CULTURA Points for the opportunity to get in a Box your own selection of a BOOK or ART from our collection  Cultura in a Box Club Catalog


Because we are a big family and every member is special and different, these are the Membership options you can choose to join our Club: 

  • INDIVIDUAL - for anyone to join the Club, under 18+ years (1 person per membership).

  • FAMILY - if you want to join as a family (maximum 4 people per membership under the same account. We would like to know the Names and Ages of each family member.)

  • U-CAN YOUTH - the special membership for our U-CAN ambassadors. Tell us the U-CAN Congress you attended and for every dollar, you choose to donate per month, AFC+A will give the same, to help you get your points faster. (In order to fill the application as a minor, you might need the support of an Adult so you can set amount of your contribution and the payment method.)

  • CORPORATIONS -  the opportunity for any Company / Organization to join with ONE membership as a group. (from 1 to a maximum of 10 people per membership. Monthly contributions must be for a minimum of $300 for this type of membership).


There are many reasons to join a club, but here are some of the benefits you can remind your friends, family and acquaintances they’ll enjoy as a member:

  • AFC+A's monthly newsletters

  • Special invitation to our Outdoors Events all year round (USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico)

  • Scholarship or Discounts to participate in our Family and Youth Camps

  • The most important about becoming our Member of CULTURA in a Box CLUB: 

Your monthly contributions will support ALL of our Initiatives. Every dollar you give will convert into CULTURA Pointsfor the opportunity to get in a Box at your home-door your own selection of a BOOK or piece of ART from our collection  Cultura in a Box Club Catalog

(CULTURA Points chart below to understand better your possibilities).




  1. Fill out the online membership application (click here). We will ask you to share some personal information (such as your home address, for future shipments of your prizes), to choose one of the membership options, and to let us know your monthly commitment.

  2. Once the application is submitted, please proceed to the payment method at the bottom of this page, to set your monthly payment amount. (We will appreciate your commitment to a minimum of 6 months.)

  3. The moment you reach the minimum amount of CULTURA Points needed for your FIRST PRIZE, you will receive a notification email with your 'Patrons ID' which gives you the access to make selections ('hold') on our Cultura in a Box Club Catalog

The first time you visit our Libraries with your 'Patrons ID', please 'Login as Patron' (button on the left hand) to receive your personal password. Remember that, you will need Patrons ID + Password every time you have enough CULTURA Points, to exchange for your prizes.

*This information and detailed instructions will be sent to you when you had completed your registration.


In our Libraries, you will find the Books by Literature Categories and the Art by Artists or Themes. However, every book and piece of art has its own market value and according to those, we created Color LABELS with ranges of values. (You will find them under 'TAG List' on our Cultura in a Box Club Catalog) 

The monthly money of your contributions will accumulate to get your CULTURA Points.

By looking at this Chart you will have an idea of the possible prizes to exchange. (you can always select a prize and we will confirm with you if you have enough CULTURA Points to request it.)

          Color LABELS ---- CULTURA Points

RED -------- 30

GREE  ------- 50

BLUE  ------- 90

BRONZE  --------120

SILVER  --------- 250

GOLDEN ------over 500




*Use the display window under 'Monthly Membership' to choose your selection

and then click the button 'Subscribe', you will be taken to the 'Membership PayPal Cashier' and make it happen!

Cultura in a Box Final logo Fondo transp
Cultura in a Box Final logo Fondo transp
Cultura in a Box Final logo Fondo transp
Cultura in a Box Final logo Fondo transp
Cultura in a Box Final logo Fondo transp
Cultura in a Box Final logo Fondo transp
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