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What we are


   By Silverio Perez Translated By Jessica Powell


Human beings forget that to be human is to be, and that in the collective, we are. Our consumer-oriented society has made it so that we identify with what we have and not with what we are. And so, in order to have, we do things at a frenetic pace that dehumanizes us and prevents us from enjoying the marvel that is life.

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Utuado Visit

    By Armando Valdes Priego. 

A full month after hurricane Maria’s landfall, everyone still seemed focused on one thing: water. As I drove into the La Capilla sector of the Arenas neighborhood in the central mountain town of Utuado, next to every man, woman and child was a bucket, a plastic jug or some other container to gather water from whatever source they could find. And yet, no one was complaining or waiting for a handout. Their story is not one of despair and dependence; it is one of hope and agency born of a strong sense of community and self-reliance.

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